Gianluca Ciattaglia

Phd Student

Curriculum IBET - "Ingegneria Biomedica, Elettronica e delle Telecomunicazioni” XXXIV* ciclo

Capsule Bio

Gianluca Ciattaglia got the master’s degree in Electronics Engineering summa cum laude (Marche Polytechnics University, Ancona) in 2017. He worked for one year as research fellow and is currently a PhD student in the group of Professor Gambi. He was member of the Polimarche Racing Team as Electronics Engineer, where he developed an Integrated Starter Generator and a Telemetry Radio Link.

Research Areas:

His scientific activity is concerned with the development of novel algorithms for mmWave Radar applications, with particular interest on the people movement analysis and target characterization. He is now working to the classification of people, or general target, on their characteristic micro-doppler features. He has also worked with Software Defined Radio technology using Model Based Design approach.

Office Phone: +39 071 2204128

Room: Q165_208