Theory and Control Systems

Analysis and Control of Time Delay Systems
The research aim is to apply the geometric approach to the solution of analysis and control problems concerning time invariant dynamical systems such as sampled data systems, systems with parameter variations, delay-differential and/or singular systems using as models linear systems with coefficients in a ring. State/partial state reconstruction/identification problems, disturbance decoupling, fault detection and isolation problems, regulation and trajectory tracking problems are investigated. The goal is to extend the knowledge of structural aspects and to obtain effective results concerning state reconstructions, regulation, fault detection and isolation problems for delay systems or LPV systems. The development of CAD – type procedures making use of symbolic manipulation and computer algebra will be an important part of the research. Another line of research concerns the problem of controlling networked systems, namely systems in which the resources are distributed on a network and data are available only at sampling instants. Model-based control schemes are developed to deal with such networked systems in presence of delays using sampled data.

Key Words: Geometric approach, Systems over rings, Systems with delays, LPV / switched systems, Networked Systems

Contact PersonAnna Maria Perdon
Collaborations: University of Bologna