Theory and Control Systems

Movement Analysis
Every movement is engendered by the highly non-linear interplay of sensory-motor coordination and external stimula coming from environment. Therefore, to gain quantitative insight on the control mechanism ruling the movement through not invasive observations, specification of the motor activity under study and of the physical quantities to be measured is needed. Accordingly this research activity is focused on:

1. Definition of experimental protocols for the investigation of movement disorders of various origin. Namely due to osteoarthritis ( functional and performance evaluation of knee prosthesis holders), to neurological disorders, to the effects of the diabetes or of surgical treatment affecting motor and/ or expressive abilities;
2. Posture and balance management mechanisms;
3. Implementation of identification methods for modeling the organization of motor control, both in young and aged healthy people in relation to the effects of different kinds of shoes on motor coordination;
4. Effects of tutors and/or preventive shoes. Moreover in order to simplify experimental data collection:
5. Wearable sensors and their integration in Body Area Networks interacting with Wide Area Networks to monitor relevant physiological quantities at home and/or in a hospital environment. The attention of the Research group is focused in sensor calibration and data processing
Laboratory Movement Analysis laboratory at DII,
Contact Person: Tommaso Leo
  • Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics, European Centre for knee Research, Leuven Belgium;
  • Laboratorio Analisi del Movimento, Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli, Bologna;
  • Centro del piede Diabetico, INRCA – Ancona;
  • U.O. Chirurgia della mano e microchirurgia Az. Osp. Universitaria: Ospedali Riuniti Umberto I° - Ancona;
  • Clinica di Neuroriabilitazione - Polo Ospedaliero Torrette – Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia - UnivPM
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    • Tommaso Leo
    • Federica Verdini (Technician, PhD)