Analysis and Control of Complex Dynamical Systems

Analysis and Control of Complex Dynamical Systems

The structural geometric approach to the analysis and control of dynamical systems provides powerful tools and methods for understanding complex phenomena in the behavior of systems and for solving basic control problems. The research aims at developing and applying structural/geometric methods to the solution of analysis and control problems that involve complex dynamical systems, like, for instance, networked systems, systems of systems, structured switching systems, hybrid linear and nonlinear systems, time-delay systems with variable delays. The investigation takes in account state reconstruction problems; fault detection and isolation problems; disturbance decoupling, noninteracting control and regulation problems; model matching and trajectory tracking problems. Algorithmic procedure to check solvability and to construct solutions are considered and appropriately defined.

Laboratory: LabMACS at DII, Laboratorio di Automazione (Fermo)
Contact PersonGiuseppe Conte
  • University of Bologna
  • Ecole Centrale de Nantes