Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of circuit, systems and materials
Many research topics are active within the general EMC area. The modeling and the experimental activity is strong in the critical analysis of emission and immunity tests. The research activity also focuses on modeling of alternative test sites such as the reverberation chambers for emission, immunity and shielding effectiveness tests. The group was involved in the definition of the International Standard IEEE 299 for the shielding effectiveness measurement in reverberation chambers. In particular, a modeling and an experimental activity are carried out in characterizing the shielding properties of Carbon Foam materials, composite nano-structured materials and composite concrete materials. More recently, the research group began an activity in the field of aerospace EMC. The compatibility of electronic portable devices (PEDs) with the on board aircraft equipments was investigated to assess their operability during flight. The analysis is now under extension to spacecraft modules. In particular the EMC of breath monitoring system, using UWB pulses launched toward the astronauts, is under investigation. The high resonant behavior of the space module makes its behavior similar to a reverberation chamber. The interference into equipments can be enhanced by this resonant situation that deserves to be accurately investigated. The immunity of electro-medical devices against RF and ELF electromagnetic field is also investigated. Interesting results were obtained in the field of pacemaker immunity excited by pulsed field. The EMC laboratory offers many experimental facilities also including a large reverberation chamber.
Laboratory EMC laboratory at DII
Contact Person Valter Mariani Primiani
  • University of Rome – La Sapienza
  • University of L’Aquila
  • University of Maryland - IREAP - Wave Caos Group (USA)
  • NIST (USA)
    • NIMURRA project financed by Italian Space Agency (ASI), 2011-12.