Consumer Technology and Inertial Sensor Systems for Human Motion
In recent years, miniaturized sensors like 3D-accelerometers, 3D-gyroscopes, 3D-magnetometers (MIMU) have been integrated in smartphones or different consumer devices. In the consumer grade market relatively low-cost gaming devices like the Microsoft Kinect (RGB-D camera) or the Nintendo Wii-balance board can be used in different scenarios in clinical or home environments as valid alternative to the gold standard devices for characterizing human balance and motion. In particular for inertial sensors, the development of specific sensor fusion algorithms currently represents a relevant topic in information extraction.
Laboratory: Movement Analysis Lab
Contact Person: Prof. Sandro Fioretti and Dott. Federica Verdini
  • Ing. Pietro Garofalo-Turingsense EUlab S.r.l
  • RSA-A: Analisi del movimento mediante strumentazione inerziale
  • RSA-A: Analisi della postura e del movimento mediante strumentazione a basso costo.
  • RSA-A: Stima del movimento mediante IMU.