Risk-of-fall analysis
Aim of this research is to integrate data of a classical clinical evaluation test (the Functional Reach Test) with kinematic data obtained by means of a Minimum Input Measured Model (MIMM) approach. The idea is to use low cost instrumentation at the expenses of a greater computational complexity in order to extract kinematic and/or dynamic variables that help in understanding the motor strategies used while performing the destabilizing task. The objective has been pursued using one force platform or a webcam.
Contact PersonSandro Fioretti
  • INRCA Hospital, Rehabilitation Unit
  • INRCA Hospital, Diabetology Unit
Projects: VAMA (ISS)
  • Sandro Fioretti
  • Elvira Maranesi (PhD Student)
  • Maura Scocco (PhD Student)
  • Daniele Sgattoni (Student)