Theory and Control Systems

Technology Enhanced Learning
This research activity started some years ago to establish a set of competences able to support the whole University (uniPM) teachers in developing online courses to be used in a blended mode ( F2F + online) to improve learning of our students. Therefore a PhD curriculum was established and an embryonic support organization able to assist teachers in the didactic and medial design of their online courses was defined. During time specific research activities and national and international collaborations have been developed. It can be easily understood that a great attention has been initially devoted to Technology Enhanced Learning in technical and professional domains, namely engineering domains related to Automatic Control and System theory applications. This original interest was extended to Economics, Biology, Agricultural and Health Care domains giving rise to number of methodological and experimental research activities. Accordingly, at present this research activity is focused on:
  • Monitoring and quality assessment of web-based learning courses;
  • Evaluation of different e-learning environments;
  • Combination of formal and informal learning in adult education and LifeLongLearning
  • Personalization and adaptivity in the design of learning materials and activities.
Laboratory Experimental and implementation activities are located at CESMI
Contact Person:  Tommaso Leo
  • School of Computing and Information Systems, Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada
  • National Programme on Digital Archives and e-Learning, Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan 
  • Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), São Paulo (Brasil)
  • Università di Roma 3- Dipartimento di Progettazione Educativa e Didattica 
  • Università di Trento- cattedra di Tecnologie dell'Istruzione e dell'Apprendimento
    • Progetto FIRB: Learning for All (RBNE07RCPX) conclusione Dicembre 2012
    • Progetto Leonardo technology transfer: Childooth Links (2011-1-FR1-LEO05-24432) duration 01/10/2011- 30/09/2013
    • Alessandro Arpetti (PhD Student)
    • Laura Carletti (PhD Student)
    • Carla Falsetti (PhD)
    • Giuliana Guazzaroni (PhD Student)
    • Sabrina Leone (PhD Student)
    • Flavio Manganello (PhD)