Circuit Theory and Signal Processing

Optimal Tuning of Real Audio Systems
Real Audio Systems includes complex Digital Circuits for audio processing which are characterized by a large number of parameters which need to be tuned in order to work properly to face the specific task of interest. In most applicative contexts, the parameter setting phase is completely left to audio experts and the overall process can be really time consuming. The aim of the research consists in assisting those experts through an automatic approach by providing optimal parameters related to standard operating conditions, representing a useful starting point for the successive fine-tuning phase. Artificial Neural Networks and modern Deep Learning strategies are adopted on purpose, with a large variety of applications ranging from quality enhancement in sound reproduction systems to acoustic physical model parameters estimation in digital music instruments.
LaboratorySteinberg LoLa Studio LAB, DII - UnivPM
Contact PersonStefano Squartini
  • ASK Industries
ProjectsPrivate funding of PhD and PostDoc Research Fellowships
PeopleStefano Squartini, Leonardo Gabrielli, Giovanni Pepe