Circuit Theory and Signal Processing

Optimal Tuning of Real Audio Systems

The capability to deal with the huge amount of data coming from the sensing activity in smart grid contexts is a fundamental requisite to provide a reliable service to the final users. This asks for adequate Digital Signal Processing and Computational Intelligence algorithms to suitably extract and manage useful information from acquired energy data, at diverse abstraction levels, and finally make smart decisions and appropriate actions onto the grid. Two are the main research fields addressed:

  • Energy management in electrical micro-grid contexts: development of automatic procedures to dynamically schedule the activity of micro-grid energy resources and the electrical consumption tasks according to the user needs, including the forecasting of weather variables, electricity price, energy production and diverse load profiles;
  • Non-intrusive Load Monitoring: development of advanced DSP and CI algorithms to automatically identify the footprint of diverse electrical devices in residential, commercial and industrial environments by using the sole aggregated consumption profile.
Contact PersonEmanuele Principi
LaboratoryComputational Audio Processing LAB, DII - UnivPM


  • MAC Srl
  • University of Lincoln


  • COMESTO (Progetto PON)
  • Private funding of Research Fellowships
PeopleEmanuele PrincipiStefano Squartini, Luca Serafini, Luca Alberto Pettinari