Circuit Theory and Signal Processing

Audio Equalization and Immersive Audio for Multichannel Architecture

In the last decade several efforts have been made in the field of sound reproduction to improve the performance of multichannel audio systems. In particular, audio equalization is one of the main methodologies to modify the listening experience, especially in small environment such as automobile. In particular, the automobile is a well-known small noisy environment with several negative influences on the spectral, spatial and temporal attributes of the reproduced sound field. Specifically, depending on the absorbing or reflecting interior materials, on the position of the loudspeakers and on the shape of the car cabin, the reflected sounds can attenuate or amplify the direct sound from the loudspeakers. In this context, audio equalization is strongly required to enhance tone quality and modify frequency response to approximately obtain desired results in terms of audio quality. In this context, also immersive audio rendering covers an important aspect to improve the performance of the audio reproduction system using headphones (binaural synthesis) or loudspeakers (transaural systems or multichannel systems). In this scenario, the main research topics are:

  • Single-point and Multi-point equalization for Room and Car environment
  • Fixed and Adaptive multichannel equalization
  • Binaural reproduction
  • Crosstalk Cancellation and HRTF measurements
  • Wave field synthesis/analysis
  • Loudspeaker arrays
LaboratoryAudio LAB and Semi-Anechoic Chamber
Contact PersonStefania Cecchi


  • Leaff Engineering
  • Università di Trieste
  • Institute of Acoustics - Chinese Academy of Science

ProjectsPrivate funding of PhD and PostDoc Research Fellowships

PeopleStefania Cecchi, Alessandro Terenzi, Valeria Bruschi