Electrical and electronic measurements

Measurement signals and data
The action of measuring a physical quantity is common to many different research areas and domains. Knowledge is based on measurements, as they describe the physical phenomena around us, and from measurements, any phenomenon may be described by a corresponding model, which allows to identify the quantities of influence and how they interact with the measurand. The Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation Lab is focused on investigating new measurement approaches and measurement signals processing methodologies in different areas, based on the use of electronic sensors and transducers. Among them, a specific activity is dedicated to measurement and processing of physiological signals and behavioral signals by the use of wearable sensors (available on the market or developed on purposes as prototypes), with applications to health and well-being monitoring, detection of activity levels, quantification of subjective reactions to audio, visual and mental stimuli.
LaboratoryElectronic Measurements and Instrumentation Lab
Contact Person: Susanna Spinsante
  • AAL project “vINCI” (Call 2017)
  • MYBL project “PAAL” (Call 2017)
  • Project MEMOS (RSA DII 2019)
People: Susanna Spinsante, Angelica Poli