Advanced Networking

We live in an "internet connected reality", where most of the data we use every day lie in the cloud. Networking technologies are evolving at a very high speed to keep the pace with business and user needs. Networking devices are evolving too, from bare metal to software defined.
Emerging technologies requires people ready to cope with increasing complexity in network topologies and configuration techniques.  For these reasons we decided in 2017 to join Huawei HAINA project. Every year we hold a course dealing with networking technologies. Lessons are split in a theoretical and practical part. Students can use real devices to exercise what they have learned during the lecture and face all the problems a real equipment can present.
In our "ICT Lab" you can find a rack where many multivendor networking devices are available: switches, firewalls, access controllers, access points, routers and DSLAM. By changing the way the devices are interconnected, students can learn how to configure simple or complex and redundant enterprise-grade networks, in a controlled and fail-safe environment. 

LaboratoryICT Lab
Contact PersonEnnio Gambi
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