Neural and Motor Rehabilitation
An objective quantification of motor abilities, poorly relaying on the subjective experience of even expert clinician, can nowadays be achieved through the analysis of a great amount of information which can be drawn from many different kinds of devices from wearable to more classical technology. The kinetics and kinesiological information can be used to describe the motor function and support the planning of subject-specific rehabilitative paths. In this domain, the aforementioned methodologies can be aimed for supporting the human-human interaction or refining the human-machine interaction.
Laboratory: Movement Analysis Lab
Contact Person: Prof. Sandro Fioretti and Dott. Federica Verdini
  • Prof.ssa Marianna Capecci, Clinica di Neuroriabilitazione Dipartimento di Medicina Sperimentale, Ospedali Riuniti di Ancona
  • RSA-A: Analisi del Movimento