Selene Tomassini

PhD student

Curriculum IBET - "Ingegneria Biomedica, Elettronica e delle Telecomunicazioni” XXXV° ciclo

Capsule Bio:

Selene was born in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) on 22nd May 1992 and actually lives in Porto San Giorgio (FM). She studied at Liceo Classico Annibal Caro (FM) and joined biomedical engineering at Università Politecnica delle Marche in 2012.

On 18th December 2018, after an undergraduate internship at the Cardiovascular Bioengineering Lab of the Department of Information Engineering and a collaboration with the Shiraz University of Iran, she received the MSc degree cum laude in biomedical engineering with a thesis entitled “Fetal Phonocardiography Analysis by Wavelet”.
From January 2019 to October 2019 she did a postgraduate internship at the same Cardiovascular Bioengineering Lab, focusing her research activities on fetal phonocardiographic signal processing.

From November 2019 she is a PhD student at the AIRTLab (Artificial Intelligence Real-Time Laboratory), with a scholarship financed by the Cariverona Foundation for the project “Utilizzo di reti neurali convoluzionali 3D per riconoscere l’ istotipo di cancro al polmone direttamente dalla TAC”.

Research Areas:

Selene's doctoral research topics include Deep Learning (DL) techniques for the analysis of biomedical data.


Office Phone: +39 071 2204900

Room: Q165_191