Physical Layer Security

Physical Layer Security
Physical layer security is a breakthrough in communication security paradigms, able to:
  • Offer unconditional security, without the need of any computational assumption on attackers.
  • Reinforce higher layer security and cryptography protocols.
  • Avoid the need of pre-sharing a secret key among legitimate users.
  • Help securing cooperative communications, that will be in use in future wireless networks.

The research aims at studying and developing new cross-layer physical/data-link security solutions for existing and future wireless communications. Among the results already obtained, suitable coding schemes have been identified that, in conjunction with scrambling matrices and ARQ mechanisms, allow to achieve a satisfactory level of security at physical layer on the Gaussian wire-tap channel. Work is in progress to extend the analysis to more practical channels.

Laboratory: Telecommunication Lab. at DII
Contact PersonFranco Chiaraluce
  • University of Padua
  • University of Zurich
  • University of Porto
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
National Research Project (FIRB 2010), ESCAPADE: Enhancing communication security by cross-layer physical and data-link (PDX) techniques (2012-2015)